A Beginner’s Guide to Adventuring

Adventure is worthwhile. –Aristotle

At the beginning of this year, I made a personal resolution to myself to start blogging again. While I took some time here and there to change how my blog looked, including creating and totally scrapping 4 different layouts, color schemes and font setups,Β  2016 slipped away from me and when December rolled around, I realized that I hadn’t made a single new blog post.

Then January came and went.

February popped in for a hot second.

I blinked and March was over.


Every month I told myself that I needed to start writing. I needed to do it, I had all of these ideas and pictures saved and why wasn’t I carving out 10 or 20 minutes here and thereΒ  a day to write?

As each month passed and I didn’t write, I became frustrated with myself. I was waiting for the perfect timing to post something. I was waiting for the words to flow. I was distracting myself with other things. I was hung up on the thought that since I had made a “New Year’s Resolution” and I hadn’t started writing in January that it didn’t make sense to just up and post something.

And then I was inspired.

An artist that I follow named Ashley Taylor began to recently post inspiring messages about following your dreams. As I was going through her story, this image popped up:


It was a sign.

It was the sign.

I screenshot the image to keep in my photos for those moments when I needed a reminder that I was doing okay, that it was fine for me to post when I had the time and when I had the energy. It didn’t matter that January had come and gone, what mattered was that I took the time to write and post.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I made some layout changes to my blog towards the end of last year. I changed the title to something that I felt was more encompassing to what I wanted to share with those who read it.

Welcome to A Beginner’s Guide to Adventuring. The thrill of an adventure, of something unknown or new, can be experienced through so many outlets: places, people, books, food, you name it and I will try it.

And I want to share it with you.

So thank you for stopping by. Thank you for coming back to read after a very long hiatus. I’m excited to share all of my new adventures with you.


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